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Why develop an Aroma Nosing kit?

The global popularity of Scotch Whisky and, in particular, Single Malt Scotch Whisky, continues to increase “year on year.” This has resulted in a rapid growth in Scotch Whisky enthusiasts worldwide who have an interest in the individual aroma and taste profiles of Single Malt Scotch Whiskies produced at the different distilleries. Each distillery and independent bottler provides “nosing and tasting notes” for their whiskies and there is a growing number of whisky clubs and enthusiasts who prepare and compare their own tasting notes.

The “vocabulary” or “terminology” for “nosing” and “tasting” notes is constantly developing and a clear need exists for a “nosing” kit of “reference” aromas to help scotch whisky enthusiasts and professionals alike to tutor their noses against a series of “standard” or “reference” aroma chemicals.

In addition to the individual aromas there is also a significant interest in the process of “nosing” and “tasting” Scotch Whisky. While it can certainly be stated that no one correct process exists, whisky enthusiasts are always seeking guidance in this area. We provide a recommended nosing and tasting process in the booklet guide which accompanies the aroma samples in the kit.

12 Aroma Training Kit

24 Aroma Training Kit

24 Aroma Wooden Kit

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