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Enthusiast to Knowledgeable Enthusiast to Connoisseur to Expert or Master

Whisky Aroma Kit
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Additional Aroma Standards

With the Whisky Aroma Kit Nose Training System and the accompanying on-going information in the private Aroma Academy Club blog (that ownership of the kit provides access to) enthusiasts can develop their knowledge to a vastly superior level.

For those who wish to aspire to Connoisseur status the Aroma Academy will guide you every step of the way. The detailed information available in the Aroma Academy Club, together with access to Aroma Master Classes and additional key Aroma Standards, will allow you to quickly develop your abilities to the extent that you will be more knowledgeable, with greater aroma recognition skills, than the vast majority of people with an interest in the field.

Whisky Aroma Kits

For those who wish to develop their Connoisseur status further – and have ambitions to become Experts/Masters in their field – the Aroma Academy can also help you progress to Aroma Expert/Master status via further advanced information and access to a series of further relevant Aroma Standards.

To support you on your journey, the Aroma Academy holds a series of Aroma Master Classes – aimed at different levels of development – Enthusiast, Connoisseur and Master – which continue to prove to be extremely popular for both private individuals and trade/industry personnel.

Whisky Club Events

Worldwide Whisky Clubs are playing an increasingly important role in the massive worldwide growth and popularity of Scotch Whisky in general and Single Malt Scotch Whisky in particular.

We are partnering with Whisky Clubs in two main ways;

  • Whisky Nosing & Tasting Master Classes – specifically tailored for Whisky Clubs
  • Special Whisky Club Discounts on Group Orders for the Whisky Nosing Aroma Kit

If you are a Whisky Club representative, please contact us to find out more!

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