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"It is one of a kind. I have searched for a kit like this. Perhaps not only for using but also as a collectors item. It shows off very well! Furthermore, I liked the descriptions in the book, together with the different fragrances which should not be (excessively) present in whisky, e.g. decay. We use the kit as part of our course work and the students love the challenge of identifying the aromas and then trying to find them in the various whiskies we produce. Its excellent training for their olfactor senses, it’s a lot of fun and certainly gets them into understanding just how difficult it is to become a Blender - Distiller without lots of time being spent with your nose in a glass. It also frustrates them when they score poorly and they return again and again to the kit trying to improve their scores. It’s a fantastic idea invaluable to both the professional and amateur single malt lover alike."

"Good job! This kit has been long overdue and I wish you every success, I will certainly promote it wherever I conduct tastings, it's a Brand Ambassadors must have. Good variety of aromas and good info in the booklet."

"The basic idea of it works very well. I can finally pinpoint various aromas and train myself to recognize them. The explanations are in-depth, and you do a great job of explaining how to approach what seems to be a straightforward subject to a novice, revealing just how complex it is."

"It adds a new dimension to our whisky tasting! The good thing about the kit, is the size. It is easy to carry with you when we have small Whisky club meetings. Another good thing is the bottles, they have this small click function, so you are sure that the aroma stays inside. It tries to objective and describe the aroma's and therefore a good instrument for lessons; it helps you to chose a whisky or set it in category against others."

"It is a great tool and very easy to use. It was smaller than I anticipated, but that made it more portable so have been able to take it out and have 'nosing evenings' with friends."

"Nice solid box, good marking of box and samples, easy to carry, nice long paperstrips to facilitate the nosing process well worth the money."

"Very realistic aromas. Identified those items that are often elusive when nosing."

"Small and compact had basic smells associated with Scotch Whisky. Booklet is very informative. Cannot wait for the advanced kits. "

"The kit is very good and I can only advise it to every Whisky-Drinker."

"Excellent entertainment in the tasting, when I used it. You can find the aroma in the whisky and find a smell in the aroma Kit. Very Good. Beautiful presentation. Lot's of fun when used with friends. I would say the only proper way of becoming an expert in Whisky tasting. Before that it was only 'question marks' and wondering how Dave and Michael made their tasting notes. My best birthday present for years."

"Far more accurate analyses of whisky. Was used at an education tasting learning to identify and put name to aromas. Will be used more next season."

"A lot of the scents serve as a great "confirmation." Meaning when I nose them, I think, oh good, I thought that's exactly what "earthy" would smell like. I also like that many of the scents are things that I wondered about -- having a reference for things like "Spiritous (the description of the stale smell of a pub is spot on)" "Malty," and "New Mown Hay" is great.My favorite thing about the kit is that I can randomize a group of scent strips and smell them blindly -- and try to guess what each is. It's an excellent way to train my nose."

"Just to let you know that the kit has arrived. It is excellent and I’m sure we are going to have a lot of fun with our customers and staff learning all about nosing malt whisky"

"Thank you, Kit arrived. So just getting started. However already I think it is going to be great as a teaching aid, So much to learn about whisky no matter how long we work with it."

"It is a quality product and I am looking forward increasing my expertise in identifying different single malts. "

"Great kit. Thanks for designing such an accessible tool that promises so much pleasure."

"Thanks guys, exceeded high expectations already."

"It arrived faster than expected and is beautifully presented."

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