Whiskmy Aroma Academy

How was it developed?

The Scotch Whisky Nosing Aroma Kit was developed as a kit of standard reference aromas related to Scotch Whisky as a collaboration between Alan Gordon from ScotchWhisky.net and an expert in the field of Aroma Science, George Dodd. George is an internationally renowned Aroma Scientist based in the Highlands of Scotland. He is one of the world’s greatest experts on the sense of smell and aromas and he is the only working perfumer in Scotland. The collaboration led to the creation of a new company – Scent & Aroma Technology Systems Limited (see www.satsltd.net) George has a great interest in Scotch Whisky and launched into the kit project with incredible enthusiasm! As he stated;

“When I came to live in Scotland in 1994 I looked forward to becoming a connoisseur of the finest single malt whiskies but I was amazed at the primitive way in which beginners were introduced to the art and science of appreciating fine malts. Being used to the systematic training of the sense of smell as found in perfumery I was astonished at the typical lack of such methods in the whisky world.”

Accordingly, The Scotch Whisky Aroma Nosing Kit uses the principles of perfumery training. Perfumers have many methods which can usefully be transferred to the world of fine malt whiskies including a specific smelling methodology and the use of a precise aroma vocabulary. A perfumer acquires the aroma vocabulary by using a systematic series of training exercises and kits. Perfumers are made, not born and we believe that this is also the case for Scotch Whisky connoisseurs. For example, a green note for a perfumer is represented by a series of pure aroma chemicals in a smell training kit. The experience of the delightful scent of freshly cut grass is not a theoretical concept but is deeply locked-into their “aroma memories” by sniffing the sample of the green grass chemical.

So, “strap on your nosing seatbelts” and let us guide you on this wonderful “aroma journey!”

12 Aroma Training Kit

24 Aroma Training Kit

24 Aroma Wooden Kit

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